The Versatility of the Storage Container

A storage container doesn’t look like much both inside and out. If you ask anyone, all they’ll see is a big metal box that’s heavy and nothing special. Its main purpose is to store boxes of goods and materials stacked up on top of each other in neat rows to be taken out only once it has reached its destination. But lately, people are finding new ways to use containers not just for transport but other things as well.

Here are some ways that these containers can be used for:

1. Containers can be made into houses –

Put a search on your browser and you will find many container homes all over the world. Container homes are cheaper alternatives to building your house from scratch. They are made of thick and sturdy corrugated metal that can withstand inclement weather just as much as a regular house would.

You can stack them together to make two storey houses or place them side by side to make a bungalow. You can connect them using other building materials like steel staircases, wooden paneled doors and windows and cemented archways. Cut the container to different shapes and sizes and build your dream home for a lot less than regular building materials.

2. Use storage containers as makeshift offices –

Whether you are renting a space or maintaining your own office building, it’s no secret that the cost for doing either of the two is high. Containers like those offered at are great alternatives to traditional office buildings.


Containers are big enough to house a small team of 3-4 comfortably with room to spare for things like printers, computers and other office equipment. This is the perfect office for startup businesses and small operations. If you have more employees, simply get more containers and stack and connect them together to make a bigger office space. A storage container can be modified to add more doors and windows to bring in more light to the office.

3. Storage containers can be used to make schools –

Some of the poorest places in the world like those in Asia, Africa, and other war torn countries can benefit from having schools made out of containers. These alternatives to traditional school buildings are cost effective and can be built in just a few days instead of  a couple of months.

The containers are big enough to fit an entire class and can be connected together or stacked higher to make bigger classrooms. The inside of each storage container can be fitted with blackboards, school chairs, cabinets and tables just like any other school.

4. Have a mobile business with a storage container as a pop-up store –

If you want to have a small store where people can come in and see your wares, containers can be used to create your very own pop-up store. Containers are big enough to house a small inventory and also have room enough to put up some racks of clothes or accessories for a few customers to browse in.

Add one or two store clerks, find a good location, and you are instantly in business. The appearance of a container can be modified to create a small retail shop or a small boutique.

5. Put up a small diner or coffee shop –

Following the idea of a pop-up store, containers are great as small coffee shops or small diners. You can house all the cooking materials, inventory and diner or coffee shop staff inside the storage container and have your patrons dine al fresco by setting up tables and chairs outside. Just make sure to secure a permit before operating any kind of business using a container.

6. Set up a home pool –

Storage Container

Above ground swimming pools are just as popular as those that require some digging.  Conventional in-ground pools can be a stylish addition to any home but can also be expensive. Why not make pool out of containers? They are cheaper and can hold as much water as any regular pool.

We at have 3 different sizes of containers you can choose from. We have 20, 40 and 45 foot long containers that are 8 feet wide and 8.6-9.6 tall. You can combine two or more containers to make it as long or as wide as you like.

7. Grow plants and start a greenhouse –

Take away the sides of metal containers and replace them with glass or netting to make a small garden inside. This is a great way to protect your crops from animals who like to munch on your lettuces and cabbages. Instead of planting them on the ground and out in the open, you can enclose your garden in a modified storage container greenhouse and keep pesky animals away.