Iron On and Sew on Custom Patches Available Online

Finding custom patches nowadays is easier than it was before. With a plethora of websites that offer patches online, we can quickly get what we exactly need no matter where we are. However, it’s still important to consider some tips before buying the items. For instance, you can check the quality and affordability of the brands and compare them. There are online quotes provided on their websites so you can easily evaluate which company offers better savings.

The inspirational designs of embroidered patches also help people in getting the ideal style they need. So if you have old clothes at home that you think can still be fixed, custom patches can help you in repairing them. We even have the finest patches on the web to guide you in finding the perfect match for your fabric. By using custom embroidered patch designs, you are guaranteed to benefit from elegant looks at more affordable rates. All you need to do is check out the designs offered online and see which one suits your requirements.


Also, the added value and flexible features of personalized patches enhance the overall look of any garment. Despite the type of fabric, shape, or size, you can depend on our patches because they are created by highly experienced designers in the industry. In fact, our professional patch makers in the team are able to offer exceptional patch designs that many customers have taken advantage of. If you want the same level of product quality, you can contact us today and we will give you free quotes.

Fixing Iron-On Patches

This kind of patch is not difficult to apply but you need to be more disciplined and patient when using this. Also, this can be a little bit expensive, so be careful when applying it. For patterns with multiple pieces, extra care is needed in order to properly put them into place. Or else, you will damage the fabric and haphazardly attach the patch onto the fabric. If this is your first time to do such, you can follow the tips provided here. It will lessen the chances of misplacing the patches and ruining the entire garment.


Start conservatively and cautiously follow directions before actually putting patches on your clothes. Some have ruined their garments instead of fixing them and we don’t want this to happen to you. Monitor the amount of heat coming from your iron and make sure that it doesn’t scorch the fabric. Once the material is burned, you cannot put it back.

Let us provide you with the following insights to make your patchwork successful:

  • Heat-seal machines are ideal in maintaining the vertical upside down motion while using pressing cloth or Teflon sheet. This allows better ironing while the fabric and patch is safely bonded together.
  • Any method will work but you need to determine which one will give you the most convenience. The best thing to consider is the type of tool you currently have in place, like the heat-seal machine or household iron. The most comfortable technique for you will help you achieve the exact pattern you want for your clothes, caps, or cloth bags.
  • If heat is involved, don’t leave your iron unattended or it will burn your garments. Stay focused on what you’re doing and never entertain any distractions. Keep an eye on the patch when ironing it on the fabric.
  • If you choose the sew-on patch, you need to have a sewing machine, scissors, and thread to begin the application. Make sure that the patches are properly positioned before permanently sewing them on.




If custom patches include stones and other accessories, be careful in applying them. Remember that thickness and size may differ so you need to test them first before the actual application. Even the skilled ones make mistakes. Don’t underestimate the procedures involved in the patchwork. Always make sure that you’re following the basics while using the right tools and materials. Once it’s done, you cannot easily remove it again if things go wrong. Whether you’re applying sew-on or iron-on patch, you need to exert extra effort in safely applying them onto garments.

And if you’re currently looking for quality custom patches online, we’re here to help you. Let our professional patch makers walk you through the actual process and guarantee ideal results. You can provide us the exact design you need and we will be the one to reproduce it for you based on the quantity you want. For more details, you may contact our customer service hotline.

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